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Gas Airsoft Guns

Umarex glock gen 4 co2 blowback airsoft pistol with u bundle is sensational for people who enjoy airsoft pistols, this model features an u bundle that provides all you need to get up and running airsoft pistol with other features of this umarex glock gen 4 co2 blowback airsoft pistol with u bundle include an 9 mm speaking tube and 3+1 zoom.

Blowback Airsoft Guns

The umarex beretta m9 a3 airsoft pistol auto co2 power blowback metal slide is an exceptional gun to operate in airsoft games, it is produced with a high quality and durable coated slide and base, and it features a co2 power blowback design. The weapon also features a quick-reload feature which will always provide a first-rate shot for your application, the metal double barrel derringer is a high performance airsoft gun that is outstanding for action and action weaponry. This gun is designed with a double barrel in order to provide extra power and strength, it is a sterling substitute for shoppers that enjoy action and shooting games. This gun also features an 115 fps rate of fire, which means that it will handle any action you put it through, the gas-powered airsoft gun is a fantastic surrogate for that need to feel the kill shot. It grants a reliable design and high commission price, this gas-powered airsoft gun is based on the 9 mm sig sauer px4 p and features 6 mm bbs in the barrel. It is ready to shoot 10 minutes with full battery power, however, it is not as powerful as the sig sauer px4 but it is more powerful than the px4 and is good for 500 fps. The airsoft guns are made of high quality full metal housing, to 1911 pistol with a hex cut Gas tube and gold barrel, the pistol weighs only 2. 5 pounds and is available in 300 fps.