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Mauser Airsoft Gun

The Mauser airsoft gun is a full metal body airsoft spring gun that features a c96 style with 2 magazine hammer moves, this gun is designed for use in airsoft games and movies. It is in like manner packing an 2-position heat shield which gives it extra protection when compared to other similar guns in the same price range.

Mauser Airsoft Gun Ebay

This is a Mauser airsoft gun with an unique handle that can be used in a variety of animes such as pistol shooting or action shooting, this gun is equipped with a c96 german air-soft spring hand gun barrel and a bb barrel. The airsoft is a high quality pistol gun made by airsoft bullseye, it is an 11 th century pistol gun that is still in first-class condition. The gun is fabricated with a brown leather handle and gives a black grip, this gun is a valuable addition to your airsoft bullseye 1889. This is a well-made airsoft gun with a handle is good for keeping the gun safe and sound, the c96 airsoft gun provides an 6 mm bb for basic the gun also features a bb gun for shooting practice. This is a very good airsoft gun with a very unique design, it gives a simple design but it is still stylish. This airsoft gun is fabricated with 6 mm bbs and a yorkshire hardwood stock, it is a top gun for gunners who demand the best out of their firearms. The Mauser handle is produced of metal and provides a nice design, it is strong and sturdy, making it top-rated for carrying around. The barrel is produced metal, making it durable, the gun also presents a top-rated weight to it. This airsoft gun is sure to make a statement.